Top 10 Types Of Underwear Every Woman Must Own

Top 10 Types Of Underwear Every Woman Must Own

Innerwear plays a crucial role not only in maintaining the hygiene level but also when it comes to dressing up well in a decent way. There are different styles in which women underwears are available in the market facilitating wearing infinite types of outfits. Here are the top 10 types of underwear every woman must own:

1. Thong

Thongs offer super minimal coverage having a T-shape string in the back sitting three inches below your waist. You can wear thongs with form-fitting or bodycon skirts and dresses. It also goes well with tights as well as leggings.

2. Hipster

Hipster has a waistband on the hips, almost two inches below the waist. and have low-cut leg holes. You can spot these in any fabric type include both lace and cotton. You can wear hipsters with low-rise jeans or pants.

3. Bikini

Bikinis are similar to the brief however it does not offer that much coverage with waistband three inches below the waist. The highly versatile Bikini can be worn with any outfit with great comfort. It goes well nit only with a pair of jeans but also a mini skirt.

4. Boyshort

Boyshorts have a rectangular shape having a lower-cut leg with legs going down as low as the thigh. You can wear these with medium to high-rise pants as it offers high coverage. These are highly comfortable.

5. G-String

Among all the types of underwear, G-string offers the least amount of coverage offering T-shape coverage. You can wear it with outfits that require no-underwear look, for instance, these go well with form-fitting or bodycon skirts and dresses; tights as well as leggings.

6. Brief

If the entire front and back cover is what you want then briefs are exactly what you need to wear. These are very versatile and comfortable and you can wear these with low to high-rise pants.

7. Tanga Brief

Tanga offers either moderate or minimal coverage ensuring back coverage better than a thong but less than the bikini. These are somewhere in between both. The best outfits to wear this with include form-fitting, bodycon skirts, and dresses, tights as well as leggings.

8. High-Cut / French-Cut

High-cut is also known popularly as french-cut underwear offering high waist and featuring high-cut leg holes. You can wear high-cut underwear with both low-rise jeans as well as pants.

9. Control Brief

It functions as a brief creating a silhouette around the abdomen sitting high on your waist. You can wear these with tights, leggings, form-fitting, bodycon skirts and dresses.

10. Seamless, Cotton & Lace

This category includes underwear that women wear the most. Not only are these stylish and versatile but also super comfortable going well with almost any type of an outfit. These are available in all sorts of fabrics ensuring easy availability.

All in all, these are the top 10 types of underwear every woman must own. Having all these types in your wardrobe ensure that you can wear any type of outfit without having to worry about the panty lines ruining the entire essence of your dress.

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