Top 5 Must do Important Things During Pitru Paksha

Top 5 Must Do Important Things During Pitru Paksha

All those who believe in different periods of the year must be aware that the austere period of Pitru Paksha, in other terms the Shradh has begun. It is this period that offers you an opportunity to appease your ancestors so as to seek their forgiveness. This is also an opportunity to assure that you remember your ancestors and they are still alive in your heart. In Hinduism, this is one particular period that holds the highest regards. Here the practice by the eldest male heir that is offering ‘tarpan’ to the elders who have recently passed away comes to play. Here, you ask your ancestors to  let go of the earthly bond and join the previous ancestors in heaven. In this article we will highlight Top 5 Must Do Important Things During Pitru Paksha.

  1. Respect everything and everyone around you

It is claimed that during the period of Pitru Paksha, it is our ancestors in one form or the other who visit us. This they do with the intention of making us aware about their presence in say any form. This means that you should not in any case disrespect or hurl away or even hurt anything be it a person or an animal, bird or insect, especially the ones who are hovering around you. It is quite possible that these might be one of your ancestors. Thus, you should respect the presence of each and everything around you.

  1. Wait for the celebrations

You must wait for this time period to celebrate any of the news that you get. It is also said that you must not indulge in purchasing new things during this period. Any of the auspicious events that you ought to organize must be halted till the time period gets over.  This means that you must wait to celebrate any good news or event that falls in this time span.

  1. Offer help to all those in need

You must always exhibit the giving nature despite the time of the year. However, during this time period you ought to be more careful. You must always keep water as well as food outside your home with an intention to feed the homeless people, animals, birds as well as the insects. If anyone approaches you for help you must not let them go away empty hands and sad hearts.

  1. Eat only suitable things

During the period of shradh you need to be very particular about what you eat. This is especially for the person of the family who is going to offering the ‘tarpan’. The family who is observing the rituals must avoid consumption of a plethora of things. These are the things like gram, masur, cumin, black salt, bottle gourd, mustard as well as cucumber. You must also give up eating the meat produce for this particular time period.

  1. Use black sesame seeds

Offering ‘tarpan’ which is one of the most important part of the rituals that  one performs during this period of time must be accompanied by one thing. You ought to make use of the black sesame seeds. So as to make an effort to please your ancestors, you must go in for preparing a special meal, to be more particular the favourite food item of the deceased. You need to then offer the same to a Brahmin or a crow, cow. Some offer it to a dog as well.

All in all, these are the Top 5 Must Do Important Things During Pitru Paksha. Ideally it is claimed that if your ancestors are happy, then there is no sorrow or any sort of disturbance that can befall the family. It is only the happiness and peace that prevails. The sacred Hindu scriptures say that the rituals of Shradh ought to be strictly adhered to while the Shradh period is going.

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