Top 7 Most Refreshing Holi  Party Beverages

Top 7 Most Refreshing Holi  Party Beverages

Drinks are an important part of any party and if it is a holi party then you can surely not compromise with the variety and quality of drinks that you plan to serve at the holi party. Among a deluge of options that you have, we are here with only a few that are must haves in a holi party. These are easy to prepare and refreshing for the guests. Without burdening you a lot these add charm to your holi party and guests bless you for including them as tiring holi games and play increase the craving for these drinks among the guests. In this article we are going to let you know about the top 7 most refreshing holi party beverages that you cannot miss out on. Guests look forward to have this ta the party.

  1. Thandai


Thandai is one of the most popular holi beverages. It is prepared with the help of curd along in addition to almonds cashew nuts . Other ingredients of this holi drink are the pistachios, poppy seeds, sugar as well as rose petals. Most of the guests at your party are going to prefer it chilled as well as sweet, though few others might like it plain as well as simple. You can always go in for attempting to make different flavours. The best option is to give it a fruity twist.  Some variety that you can try is the Almond Milk Thandai, Guava Thandai and Soya Thandai.

  1. Kanji Vada

Kanji Vada

Kanji vadas are basically the fried rounds that are made of urad dal or the moong dal. These are immersed in water d then different spices are added to it. not only is it a mouth-watering holi drink but at the same time it is also appreciated for the healthy concoction that it offers owing to being light on your digestive system. If you ensure making it chatpata then we ensure that your guests are going to shower you with praises for having kept it in your drinks menu.

  1. Iced Jaljeera

Iced Jaljeera

Jaljeera has become a part and parcel of every party. On holi however it is going to be a great charm. After those tiring yet enjoyable holi games everyone is going to look for the thirst quenching Jaljeera. There are a lot of ingredients required to make this drink. It is basically prepared using the tamarind pulp and mint leaves, jaggery and a plenty of spices. It is very easy to prepare the iced jaljeera. Add diverse pungent flavours to this most awaited holi party drink. You can easily prepare this drink at home.

  1. Lassi


Any Indian occasion especially the ones that are celebrated with great pomp at show in northern regions are considered incomplete without lassi. Lassi is one of the most popular beverages that is prepared using curd, sugar and ground cumin. It is basically served chilled. You always have an option to enhance the taste of the drink by adding flavours like mint, avocado as well as strawberry. This beverage can really impress your guests. Different flavours of Lassi are Mint lassi, Avocado lassi and Strawberry lassi.

  1. Kesaria Doodh

Kesaria Doodh

Kesaria Doodh is prepared using milk, sugar, saffron, cardamom, pistachios as well as almonds. This is one of the most popular holi beverages. This is replete with healthy concoction and a major relief to your stomach. An easy to prepare drink, it must find a place in your drinks menu at your holi party.

  1. Masala Doodh

Masala Doodh

A perfect blend of milk, dry fruits as well as other spices results in a voluptuous drink called Masala Doodh. It is one of the natural drinks that proves to be really refreshing for the guests at the holi party.

  1. Badaam ka Sherbet

Badaam ka Sherbet

This one is unconditionally nourishing that arrive with a plenty of delicious flavours of nuts. The major falvours remain to be of almonds and saffron that you can surely not miss out on.

All in all, these are the top 7 most refreshing holi party beverages that are bound to make your Holi not only special but at the same time also colourful. If there are some of your favorite holi beverages that we have missed out then you can share the name of the same in the comment section below.

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