5 Most Amazing Lohri Decoration Ideas

5 Most Amazing Lohri Decoration Ideas

Lohri is one of the most popular Indian festivals that is celebrated with great enthusiasm especially in the northern regions. While for some it is just a seasonal switch that occurs while for others January 13th is the beginning of a new financial year. There are a lot of myths and beliefs that are associated with Lohri celebrations. The reason for celebrating the festival might differ from person to person but one thing that remains common among all is the zeal to celebrate this festival. Many of us are also fond of throwing Lohri party. To make this Lohri party a special one there are few tips that you need to follow. From Lohri decorations to Lohri games we have tips for everything. In this article we are going to brief you about some stunning Lohri decoration ideas. The top 5 most amazing Lohri decoration ideas are as follows:

  1. Balloon Decoration

One thing that never goes out of trend is the balloon decoration. Be it any type of a party these are always adored. For a Lohri party also you can easily decorate the stage as well as the gate of the venue with the help of colourful or colour coordinated balloons. The fire look Balloon will be a more suitable and a relevant choice on the occasion of Lohri. Here the best approach is to make use of the red and yellow colour pipe balloons that will resemble the fire while you can opt for brown balloons to resemble the wood. This will add a traditional touch to the décor. The balloons are easily available for purchase from the market. Do keep in mind to buy the balloons that are of the size that suits the venue. Do not go in for purchasing unnecessarily huge balloons or very tiny ones. Go in for balloons that are decently size, somewhere between the two extremes.

  1. Lights and flowers

Again one of the most acceptable and appreciated forms of decorations is the lights and flower decoration. This is basically an evergreen decorative material. These not only add liveliness to the venue but at the same time enhance the appearance also. For the reason that Lohri is celebrated by showing gratitude to the fire therefore light will give the same effect thereby making your décor more conventional and suitable for Lohri celebrations. In case you are not willing to spend a lot on decorations then you can go in for suing the Diwali lights as well. Here you will simply need to buy the fresh flowers which will be your only expense. In case you have hoarded the artificial flowers from some other event then you can opt for using these as well.

  1. Punjabi items

Besides decorating the venue with any form of theme one thing that you can always do is placing the traditional Punjabi articles and items here and there. To give it a more conventional touch you can use things like empty alcohol bottles as well as Haw in addition to the figures of bicycle, tractor, Khaat etcetera as these will give the venue a more traditional approach. In case you make these more magnified then it will also act as a perfect photo-shoot place for the guests. You can always opt for making use of the earthen pots as well as bangles in addition to hand painted bottles for decorating the venue. The colourful pin wheels will also add charm to the decorations.  One of the advantages of such an approach is that most of the above listed items are already there at your place. There is no need for you to head out to the market to purchase them. Tis will save a lot of money and be a pocket friendly decoration idea for you.

  1. Dupatta and sarees

Phulkari is one of the major indicators of the Punjabi culture. You can use these and other dupattas as well as sarees to go in for awesome Lohri decorations. The colourful phulkari dupattas can act as the perfect backdrops. You need to simply drape these around on the walls of your venue. There is an option to use them as the table cloths also. There is always a scope to add little ghunguroos to these. These will make the venue look more colourful and attractive. Apart from this, you cannot deny that this method of decoration is very cheap and affordable also yet classy. There is no need for you to buy new duppattas and sarees. We are sure that there might be some no longer in use at your home. This will save a lot of money and prove to be a pocket friendly decoration idea for you.

  1. Kite decor

Lohri is followed by the season where flying kites is a popular pass time for many. Therefore, this can also act as a perfect party decorative. You can simply get these hung on the entry gate or stick them on the walls of the venue. One thing that you must note here is that you must choose the size of the kite strictly based on the size of the venue. To give it a rustic touch you can go in for suing kites that are used or go in for preparing kites at home. This will save your expense a little.

All in all, these are the top 5 most amazing Lohri decoration ideas that you can follow. The best part about all these ideas is that none of them are expensive. All these ideas are easy to pursue and pocket friendly. In case there are more ideas that you have in mind then share with us. We will be glad if you mention the Lohri decoration ideas in the comment section below.

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