Top 10 Stunning Lohri Game Ideas for Lohri Party

top 10 stunning lohri game ideas for Lohri Party

If you are planning to throw a theme party this Lohri then here we are to help you plan the same. to make your Lohri party more fun you can also include some games. If you are confused as to what all games you should include then here we are with a list. Here are the top 10 stunning lohri game ideas for Lohri Party.

  1. Song game

One of the most innovative games for the occasion of Lohri is the popular song game. Here you need to make two or more teams and ask then to sing songs that in one way or other are related to Lohri. The team who beats the other by singing majority of such songs win the game. You can reward the winning team in any way that suits you the best.

  1. Kite Tambola

Tambola is an important game that is played almost on all the occasions. However, what makes tambola different on Lohri is that the game is prepared on a kite. Henceforth the game is played in a similar fashion as on other occasions and parties. One who is able to get the numbers on the tambola tickets that are designed on kite is the winner. You need to reward the winner with the beautiful kite.

  1. Popcorn garland

You can provide your guest with popcorns, needle and a thread. The guest you is able to make a popcorn garland in minimum time, not taking more than two minutes in any case wins the game. The length of the garland can also be an important determinant of who should be declared as the winner of the game. Give the winner a reward of packet that is full of popcorns.

  1. Grab The Lohri Sweets

Another thing that you can do to make your guests enjoy is hide the sweets. You can mark a boundary within which you can hide the sweets appropriately or place them in a manner that these are visible only to a keen eye. The one who is able to grab the maximum sweets in less time is the winner. As an alternative you can also place one big bowl that contains a lot of sweets. You give just one chance to the players to open their hands and grab as many sweets as they can. The one who is able to grab the maximum sweets is the winner of the game. You can reward the winner with the packet of sweets.

  1. Popcorn With Chopsticks

Popcorns are an important ingredient of the Lohri festival. These can be an important ingredient of your Lohri game too. You can provide your guests with the chopsticks. The guests are now required to pick the popcorns with the help of this chopstick and then put these in another bowl that you need to provide them with. The perfect prize for this game is a hamper that contains popcorns both salted and sweet or either of the two.

  1. Tie a knot to the Kite

One of the most important ritual of Lohri is flying the kites. This hints us towards a game that can turn out to be real fun in your Lohri party. You can keep some kites that lack the knots tied to them. Now the task with the guests is that they have to tie a knot to these kites. The player who is able to tie a knot to most of the kites in a time span of just one minute is the winner. However, only a person who is aware about tying the knots in kites will be able to participate in the game. There are not many people who can do the same.

  1. Eat from the bag

You can prepare small bags that have all the eating items that are considered to be a must have on Lohri. Next you need to distribute these bags among the participants. The guest who is able to eat all the items or the maximum items that are contained in the bag in 2 minutes without wasting any in the form of dropping these on the floor ought to be declared the winner. As a reward you can give the winner a hamper that contains a decent quantity of all these items that he was supposed to eat.

  1. Peel The groundnuts

One of the fun games that is a must have in the Lohri party is a game that is related to the groundnuts. You need to give your guests one minute to peel off the groundnuts. The twist to the game is that the participants need to do so with just one hand and the use of other hand is strictly prohibited. The person who is able to peel off maximum groundnuts in a time of just 1 minute wins the game. A hamper that has peeled off peanuts is one of the best affordable prize that you can reward the winner of this game with.

  1. Lohri Quiz

Having a quiz in the party is always a good idea. If it is a Lohri party then you can have questions in the quiz that are related to Lohri celebrations. The questions can be on makar sankranti as well. You can have this quiz as a rapid fire round where the participants get very less time to think and brainstorm the answers. It is participates who need to be thoroughly revised about the facts that they are aware about on Lohri and the ritual related to the same. I guess most of the enthusiasts will be easily able to answer many of the questions. Keep a gift prepared for the one who is able to answers most of the questions right. Doing so will gear up the audience for the quizzes in the future especial for the next Lohri party.

  1. Prepare the greeting card

Like all the other games, in this game also time is the key. One of the ways to make your party fun is by giving your guests a task to do. That too in restricted time period. You can ask your guests to get creative and make a greeting card within 2 minutes or so. You can obviously supply them with an A4 sheet and crayons or pencil colours. Also, make the provision of a glue stick so that your guests can get more creative with the Lohri accessories like groundnuts that they have in hand. The guest who is more clever will obviously go in for writing beautiful lohri messages inside the greeting card. The one who is able to maintain a perfect balance of all this should be declared as the winner. The winner should be rewarded with one of the finest greeting card that you need to buy in advance and hoard for the winner of this quiz.

All in all, these are the top 10 stunning lohri game ideas for Lohri Party. You can include any of these games. The best part is that one of the aforementioned games is going to consume much time. This are simple to play and do not require much of your efforts. In case you have some more fun Lohri game ideas then you can mention these in the comment section below.

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