Top 10 Best Recruiting Apps For Android Users


The process of hiring and getting hired is old. Conventional methods of choosing the suitable candidates among the list of several applicants are still prevalent. The applicants fill in the applications form to apply for the job and recruiters call them for the personal interview shortlisting. This is however, not that much in trend now. All thanks to the recruiting apps. Among the top 10 best recruiting apps android users, you can choose the one you like. By doing so, you can get rid if the age old awkward methods of hiring and getting hired.

By downloading any of the above mentioned top 10 best recruiting apps for android users, you can make your life quite easy. This gives you an easy gateway to get notice. The recruiters get the chance to hire the more potential employees which otherwise would not have been possible. If still you do not possess any of these apps then you need to download the one right away from the play store.


Here is the list of top 10 best recruiting apps for android users:



If you talk about the best recruiting apps for android phones then evernote is one name that completes the list. It is the note-taking app that syncs across your devices. This means that you can access notes that you have written on your phone via your desktop. This it does automatically. This makes it really easy to share notes between people. This helps for the recruiting process. Here the name of the game is collaboration.



This app offers a “zero-input CRM platform.” This means that you don’t have to do any data entry. This is automatically done by ProsperWorks. It collects and compiles the contact info and tracks all your activity. All this while you do not have to do anything. To recruiters it offers more time to spend actually working with candidates. ProsperWorks is recommended by no one else but Google. This is a reason enough to count on this app.



InstaJob is the app that helps you to behave more creatively with job advertisement on social media. It can turn any picture of yours into a job advertisement. You can next share it across social platforms. This offers more potential hires. You can put any sort of marketing message you want.



This is one of the best apps that help in the recruiting process. It reduces the stress of yours as a recruiter. The app helps you to deal with all, be it impatient hiring managers, flaky candidates, and a mountain of open reqs. Also, it helps in the recruiting process in its own way, though it is not strictly the recruiting app. Still, it bags a place in the list of best recruiting apps.



It is a browser plugin which is excellent. Every recruiter should install this.Discoverly  unifies all your social media activities from different helps you to interconnectedly use the information available on one app while using the other. Be it your own account that you are using or someone elses.



The aim of this app is to make interviews more valuable. This it does by turning them into real, substantial conversations. It rules out the need for awkward Q&A sessions. The app works in the aforesaid manner. Prior to the interview, the candidate receives a few questions through the app. The candidate answers all the questions. The app uses these answers to generate a discussion guide. This the interviewer can use to ensure that the interview is actually meaningful and relevant.



This app facilitates the exchange of visiting cards electronically. When someone offers you a card at some party or other business points, then you tend to safely keep these cards. You tend to ensure the safety so much so that even you yourself do not find the card again to get rid of this method you can simply use this app. This way of exchanging cards ensure their all time availability. You cam also search the content via this app.



Crowdfire can be termed as “friend management platform” for Twitter and Instagram. It helps you to keep on top of key areas of interest. The same is true for the list of people on Twitter and Instagram. You can load keywords. These can be general terms like “recruiting” or specific to a job title. You then receive recommendations of people to follow. It also keeps you aware about who has started following you or engages the most with your content. It also updates you with who is unfollowing you.



Sometimes it so happens hat your mail box gets filled with e-mals that are not important. Most of these are sometimes junk. However, there is a solution to the overstuffed inbox. The name is, Zero. It has an email client for Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and Outlook. This makes it easier to sort and read your emails in a snap.The summary cards are the best part. It gives you a quick look at what each email contains. There is no need for you to actually open and read everything in your inbox. If the summary is not the worth, then the message is useless. Toss it and focus on more important things.



It is very difficult to avail this app. However, if you get the opportunity then nothing can be better than this. You have to give an application so as to apply for membership. The point is that app accepts only 28 percent of applications. This acceptance rate is quite low. If you get in, then the app sends each user a personalized professional introduction to another user. This it does on weekly basis. It is done in accordance to the users’ shared interests and goals. In this way you get a chance to  build your talent pipeline and expand your referral network. It also helps you to build your client base.



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