Save your precious money – Subscribe to a car instead of buying it

Save your precious money - Subscribe to a car instead of buying it

Nowadays, people would rather subscribe to a service to reduce their hassles and this applies to cars too. Many have realised that large savings can be achieved by a car subscription as opposed to buying a vehicle outright. Even big brands like Cadillac and Volvo are introducing car subscription services abroad to cater to the on-the-go generation, those who look for all the services with minimal liabilities. India’s very own Zoomcar has introduced the ZAP car subscription service across India. Let us explore the reasons why ‘subscribe car’ models might be the most efficient development in personal transport.

Skip the Scourge of Down Payment and EMIs

Down payments for a new car can reach six figures. Now let us make a list of things you can do if you could spend that couple of lakhs on something else. Go for a Euro vacation? Why not! Buy a whole new set of furniture and home electronics? That is a good idea. A couple of lakhs would also make a good bank or mutual fund investment – important for a rainy day in the future. With a car subscription, you can do all these wonderful, constructive things since there is no down payment required.

Those who have bought a car will understand how eventually the mix of EMI and maintenance costs can make them compromise their budget. With a ZAP subscription, there are no maintenance costs to worry about. One can just send a request for servicing and the car gets picked up by a team of mechanics.

Instead of EMIs, down payments and even insurance costs (that is taken care of by ZAP), all the costs are consolidated into a monthly fee. Since the tenures can be chosen, the customer is not stuck with a long-term liability like a regular car EMI would have implied.

Gain flexibility with a car subscription

The exciting part of a car subscription service is that it opens up the choice of cars one can drive. ZAP’s subscription service allows you to keep a car for as little as six months. Car enthusiasts can subscribe to a new car every half-year and there is a large spectrum to choose from – from the sleekest sedans and hatchbacks to the latest SUVs.

The short tenure is especially useful for those who need a car for a limited period of time. This can apply to businessmen or professionals who are in the town with no permanent plans. In such a scenario, why buy a car when it can be subscribed? At the same time, ZAP also offers longer tenures for 12 months, 24 months and 36.

Earn with ZAP

ZAP car subscribers also get a chance to earn more money and save further. When they are not using their vehicles, they can list it out on the Zoomcar platform for others to use. The cash earned in return can reduce the monthly fees by as much as 70%.

There is nothing better than having a secure and private transport available at all times. ‘Buy car’ might not seem the wisest option anymore. Having a car at one’s disposal at just a monthly fee – car subscription is here to stay.

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